Welcome to What is Influencing My Kid in 2020

This quiz is in no way meant to judge or correct your parenting.

You are not a bad parent.

These are just a few things that children are exposed to at this time. Even if they don't own a phone, their friends do. This means that it is very possible that they are still being exposed to some of the content within this quiz.

Use this as a gauge to discover if the communication between you and your child needs to be strengthened at this time so that you are familiar with things taking place in the world we live in.

Results will be emailed to you for future reference when you complete the quiz!

Good luck!

1. What is TikTok?
2. What is Discord?
3. What does the eggplant emoji mean?
4. What is a finsta?
5. Who is Charli D'Amelio?
6. What is the Blue Whale Challenge?
7. Finish this lyric. "Corvette, Corvette. Hop in the ____ _____ jet like that.
8. Finish this lyric. "Classy, Bougie, ______. Sassy, Moody,_____.
9. What is Omegle?
10. What is Shifting?