“I’m Listening” Communication Card Pack




Our children’s desire to connect and communicate with us starts out like an overflowing river. They want to tell us EVERYTHING.

But one day, that all changes. Getting answers to simple questions feels like pulling teeth!

Their frustration with us asking questions, and our frustration with their frustration only leads to one outcome: silence. Even though we’re not dealing with their attitude, we deal with an enormous amount of guilt and sadness because our child doesn’t want to talk to us like they use to.

I created these communication cards as a way to bring you back together. Filled with jokes, puns, and sharing some of your own struggles when you were their age, you and your teen will rebuild the foundation for communication in your relationship and learn how to express yourselves in a respectful and thoughtful way.

Includes 40 Cards on the topics of

  • School
  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Social Media
  • Friendships


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