Emotional Well-Being Communication Cards




It’s time to get rid of this statement that’s been passed down for generations:

“Oh. you’ll be okay. This will pass.”

Even thought this statement rings true from time to time, it allows us to put our teen’s feelings on the back burner when they need us most. As adults, we don’t always think that our teens have much to be emotionally impacted by, but the opposite is true.

With the rise of social media and cyberbullying, teens don’t get a break from the horrible things their peers say and do to them. From private group chats, to “close friends” on Instagram, teens are feeling more and more isolated than ever.

The “Emotional Well-Being” Communication Cards are a way to keep tabs on what your teen is feelings without going into full “counselor” mode. They need you to check-in with them more than you know.



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