Meet Allyson

Allyson A. Robinson is on assignment to inspire women of all ages to deconstruct the boxes society has created for their lives and to step brazenly into their God-appointed purpose.

Allyson can speak so passionately and authentically to people about embracing God’s purpose for their lives—even when it demands changing course—because she had to do exactly that.  A songstress at heart, Allyson was once known only for her ability to minister with vocals.  Her parents, friends, church family— essentially anyone who had ever heard her give new life to lyrics—just knew she was born to perform.  Singing became who she was, who she had always been.  After enrolling in a graduate-level vocal performance program in 2011, Allyson was on her way to fulfilling what she thought was her destiny, singing on stages and in studios around the world.  But then the unthinkable happened.  

She lost her voice. 

Finally forced to fill her ears with God’s voice and not her own, Allyson left graduate school and was soon led down the path to her true destiny—ministry.  Beginning her journey as a youth minister, she discovered the song that God has always intended for her to sing. One that draws youth and women closer to Christ and walking boldly in their God-given identity.  One that encourages them to step up and have a say in who they are becoming.  One that can lead you to the purpose God has for your life—if you are brave enough to seek Him. 

An up-and-coming and undeniably powerful voice in youth ministry, Allyson is unafraid to touch the topics that many traditionally shy away from.  As an author, transformational speaker and international teacher, she shares the intimate details of her personal story and struggles—unashamed and unbowed—to encourage others to follow suit. 

it’s time to think different.