This past week was not an easy one. We, along with our tweens and teens experienced something that has made a mark on our country forever.

I saw so many posts saying “History books better teach this right” and memes surrounding sitting in our child’s classroom to make sure that the teacher teaches it all correctly.

The thought I had to myself was “Why are we waiting on schools to teach this when we can teach it now?” As a teacher, I remember how I would set the room up and the questions up to have the hard conversations. I knew the direction to take to steer the conversation in a way that could land us in a more positive space than a negative one.

So I wanted to share some tips that I, as well as many of my other colleagues have used in order to have the hard conversations around current events.

There are 5 tips, and a YouTube video to go along with it to explain the reason behind each tip.

Let me know in the comments how they worked for you!