:sighs: Being a mom is hard as… there isn’t even a word to compare it to. Even the curse words that usually fill in that blank aren’t even enough to amount to how hard being a mother is.

A few minutes ago, while stopping one of my twins from doing something dangerous, I said “I’m so done!”

But then I realized in that moment… that I can’t take a break from this. I can’t take a break from being a mom. Maybe I can get a small lunch break… maybe even a short vacation… but even then… I still cannot get a break from being a mom.

Mentally, I’m always wondering what they’re doing, if they’re okay, if the person caring for them is hurting them because they are annoying, just regularly mom anxiety things.

Physically, a 2 minute bathroom break for mental and physical purposes turns into a shouting match where I’m trying to get one of my twins to stop throwing things into the bathtub or to not run away with my face cleansing soap.

This is truly the job that never ends.

I’m Surviving Motherhood.