One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given was when I was getting married. Our pastor at the time said “Marriage is what you make it. This is YOUR Marriage.”

One of the things that happens when you get married or become a parent is that everyone around you becomes an expert all of a sudden. They want to give you instructions and directives on how to be successful. Now some advice is good, but there are definitely bits of information that are terrible… and NOT welcomed or requested. In those moments, you have to smile, nod, and put whatever they’ve said in your pocket to revisit later, or in the trash.

It’s easy to pull out what someone else has said to do. It’s easy to log onto Facebook or Instagram and try to look and compare yourself to other couples or moms. Then you end up trying to follow in their footsteps and end up looking like a bad copy of someone else’s false reality on social media.

No two children are the same. No two women are the same. No two men are the same. So why do we try to apply the same tactics and solutions to different situations and then get frustrated when it doesn’t work out? We have to figure out what works for OUR situation. What might work for you could be a hybrid of three different solutions, or a totally, out of the box solution.

So I come to you today to tell you that you have to parent YOUR way. Whatever works for you and your baby. Whatever works for you and your family. Either way, someone will always have something to say about it, so why not do what’s best for you anyway?

They’re your kids. You’re the mom. Parent Your Way.