A few days ago, I had an “I Quit” moment. 

I’m in the midst of a huge transition from living abroad to living back in the USA. I’m trying to prepare to move. Sell things. Start planning for the next school year because I won’t have a summer. Write 2-3 articles a week. Blog. Try and sell my journals. Plan for a webinar. Write an e-book….Be a mom of twins toddlers. Be a wife. Be a friend. Start a business…


So I wanted to quit. Until my husband said something to me. 

“You’re in your Quit Zone. Don’t Quit This Time.”

His words resonated with me so much because he was absolutely right.

If you could see the websites, the blogs, the T-shirt designs, the book outlines, and mockups I’ve made, you would be surprised. 

Ask me how long they lasted? Ask me how long the drive to do them lasted?

Two Weeks. If it was a blog, maybe a month. 

I kept quitting. But it was because I had the wrong expectations. I thought my idea was so great that it would take off! I thought I would gain thousands of followers and supporters overnight. When it didn’t happen, I thought my ideas were worthless because I wasn’t receiving the confirmation and affirmation from other people. My ideas were good to me, but that wasn’t enough. I needed everyone else to tell me the same thing. 

So my mind and my body are having the same reaction this time around. I’ve trained it to quit after two weeks. I’ve trained myself to stop caring and to let my visions fall to the ground after two weeks. 

But Hey Girl! Intl. is so much bigger than me. It’s not about affirmation from the outside right now. It has to be about what I know I was put on this planet to do, and that’s empower women to embrace who they are and who they’ve been called to be. 

But coming out on the other side of this “rut”, I realize the 3 things that played a huge factor in my “Quit Cycle”. 

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