Scrolling through your feeds on Instagram, you can see so many different things. People participating in dance challenges to get likes, people sharing popular memes on their Instagram pages to get likes, and then you can see people compromising who they are to get attention and likes.

Compromise- a giving up to something that is wrong or degrading : Surrender

*Merriam-Webster ‘s Intermediate Dictionary

Does that apply to you? Are you giving up what you know, your value, and your worth just for a few likes? 

Social media has taken over our lives in so many different ways. We buy things because of what people we follow on social media say. We join in on certain challenges because it’s the popular thing to do. We change the way we take pictures because we aren’t getting the likes we want, so maybe we show a little more shoulder, or leg. It’s uncomfortable at first, but after doing it for so long, we don’t have an issue with it anymore.

You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are unique. Don’t place your value in the hands, or under the finger of someone else, waiting for a double tap. A double tap doesn’t define you. A double tap shouldn’t be how you define your beauty. A ‘like’ does not affirm who you are. Don’t give people you know and don’t know that much power over you.

Your power and freedom lives in your uniqueness. Don’t change who you are just to get a ‘like’.

You are worth more than a like.